About Me

I studied music at UCSB in my early twenties. After learning all of the mechanics of western classical music, the art form become boring to me. Backpacking around Europe a few years later, I was invited by a French photographer to portray her recently deceased by suicide boyfriend in a love scene with a stunningly gorgeous German model. The whole experience was magical. Upon exiting from the Parisian parking garage, I learned that two planes had just flown into the Twin Towers.

I began modeling for an agency in Paris. I used the opportunity to learn the art of photography from master fashion photographers. Returning home to L.A., I continued to understudy. Soon after, I began my own photographic career.

There are many approaches to photography. Different individuals engage with the medium in different ways. For me, photography is a medium that allows me to merge my love of beauty, science, technology and drama all into one craft.

I have recently been published in Architectural Digest for my interior photography work with The Oppenheim Group. Other accolades include a 2021 commission with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

I have photographed over five hundred homes in the last three years for realtors, architects and Airbnb.

I am still learning. I am still seeing things with fresh eyes. I am more creative now than ever.

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